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Comprehensive career consulting services for North America! Unlock exclusive job referrals and secure offers seamlessly with our powerful resources. One-stop solution for your career advancement!

Specialized Field

  • Financial Analysis

  • Risk Management

  • Data Science

  • Retail Banking

  • Accounting

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Opportunities at Renowned Companies

We have internal connections with major companies in North America, ensuring students secure interview and job opportunities through referrals.

We provide a comprehensive service that efficiently submits your resume to numerous companies, increasing your visibility in the job market.

Facilitate direct resume submissions to hiring managers through established relationships within your current working teams, ensuring a more impactful referral due to direct familiarity with qualifications and job responsibilities.

Directly handing your resume to the report manager/hiring manager ensures the strongest referral impact, often guaranteeing an interview, contingent upon passing the referrer’s pre-screening to confirm the candidate’s qualification alignment.

Industry Trends and Future Outlook Analysis

  • Technical Skills and Target Industry Knowledge Test

  • Industry Knowledge Lecture

  • Competitiveness Development in Various Ideal Industries

  • Job-Seeking Direction Formulation

Tailor internal referral strategies for  landing job offers
Tailor internal referral strategies for  landing job offers

Personal Career Planning

Tailoring individual career plans for students, providing deep insights into target roles, crafting learning programs for industry knowledge and technical skills. Addressing challenges in short-term and long-term career planning based on academic and work backgrounds, offering guidance on future career paths. Mentors are available to answer any industry-related questions.

Resume Refinement

Expert mentors refine resumes for students with no job experience, improving chances of securing offers. They provide career advice tailored to the target industry, supporting students in their job search journey.

  • Communicating Target Positions/Industries

  • Verify Basic Resume Information (Background/Professional Skills)
  • Gradually Revise Resume Content

  • Provide Career Planning Advice and Development Prospects

  • Completed Resume Enhancement

Precision Interview Training

Enhance students’ interview skills, help them adjust their demeanor, tone, and interview setting, making them more confident and professional.

  • Presenting a more professional demeanor in front of every interviewer.

  • Analyzing the job position information provided by students.

  • Understanding the skill set required for the target position.

  • Analyzing the background of each interview panelist and identifying potential questions they may ask in each round.

  • Providing targeted assistance to students in modifying their interview answers.

  • Mock Interview